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Caden Myers

// bass

The Lad of the Lowlands. The country fried king who reminds us just how close George Jones' eyes are together. Caden has always been the secret weapon in the groups he's been a part of and WHAT? is no exception. While contributing bass, he also has a huge hand in crafting how the song feels and layers that go into each tune.

Cory Paternoster

// guitar&vocals

Why would anybody let Cory abuse his guitar the way he does? We'll never know. Arguably the most percussive musician since the ragtime piano player, Cory's style of playing lays a syncopated foundation for these emotional songs. In addition to the stabbing guitar, the voice bellows through his body cavity like a thriving orca. Sweaty, loud, and a little off leads to rock. Or so he was told. 

Alex Rubin 

// drums

Double kick kid and a mean sonic punch to go with it. Alex brings to the table a versatile background with a love for the  rhythmic. From metal to jazz fusion, he draws from so many places to get the parts you hear driving these songs. Not only does Alex play the drums and helps to produce, but he writes all of the shimmering lead guitar parts as well. 

The 4 songs from the  EP 'Blue Nuance' conveys emotion bluntly. Living life within its moments and making the most of them. Realizing that the low points are what makes the highs just that... and something worth riding. The dynamics of the day-to-day make you enjoy the good with the pain. Click the 'listen' tab to hear! 

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